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TOMIN Liquid
changing the future of our planet


Seals in freshness.
Changing frozen food

TECHNOLOGY TOMIN Liquid Cryo-Freezing

Keeping the original taste and texture of all foods Creating a world with zero food waste.

Conventional air freezing destroys the cells in food, causing flavor and nutrients to spill out as drip.
Conventional freezing degrades the original product, resulting in significant food waste.

TOMIN Liquid Cryo-Freezing freezes at -30℃ (about 20 times faster than air blast freezing), minimizing cell destruction and drip.
Foods maintain their original flavor even after repeated freezing and thawing.

Our goal at Technican is to use this technology to create a future with ZERO food waste.

VISION Technican’s vision

Technican aims to change the future of our planet

Say goodbye to the problems of conventional freezing

  • Food cells are destroyed during the freezing process Quality, nutritional value, and flavor are lost

  • Refrigeration becomes a requirement,creating food waste and necessitating additives.

We will eliminate issues associated with current freezing methods, changing the image of frozen food to a positive

Contributing to the future of the planet

  • Food delivered after TOMIN Liquid Cryo-Freezing arrives fresher than food delivered after refrigeration.

  • Foods from developing countries can be delivered anywhere in the world, any time of year.

Our technology contributes to both food and job security for the world.
We aspire to achieve a world with zero food waste by utilizing food distribution channels that were previously impossible.

PRODUCTS Products and Services

  • Freezers for wholesalers, food processing plants, and producers


  • Freezers for restaurants and online retailers

    TOMIN Mini

    *TOMIN Mini may not be available in some countries. Please contact us for more information.
  • TOMIN Liquid Cryo-Freezing goods at home


We offer a wide range of products and sizes to fit your operation

Medium- to large-capacity freezer line for wholesalers, food processing plants, and producers.
We help you find the right model to suit your needs.

The 60 x 60 cm compact liquid freezer for restaurants and online retailers

The compact small-capacity freezer.
We support our customers in everything from purchasing to sales, market expansion, and beyond.

Frozen food just as fresh as the moment it was prepared

TŌMIN FROZEN changes the image that frozen food doesn't taste good.
TŌMIN FROZEN is a store that uses TOMIN Liquid Cryo-Freezing to handle frozen foods.
We have a great selection of produce, including gourmet chef menus and commodities that consumers can only eat at the origin of produce.

The benefits of TOMIN Liquid Cryo-Freezing

  • Deliver food and produce anywhere as if it was just harvested

  • Freeze restaurant or home-cooked dishes as if they were just made

Various businesses and customers are using TOMIN Liquid Cryo-Freezing


Case studies | TOMIN

TOMIN Case studies

Case studies | TOMIN Mini

TOMIN Mini Case studies

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