TL-2 installation in Indonesia

We visited Tangerang, Indonesia. Our client, RT Foodservice purchased two TL-2 and we carried out the construction.


  1. Installation of TL-2
  2. Freezing Test
  3. Our Client Info
  4. Watch on YouTube

Installation of TL-2

Thanks to RT Foodservice’s well-known and experienced engineers, we were able to smoothly complete the construction. They purchased two ‘TL-2’ units. Typically, each TOMIN requires one condensing unit, much like a pair. However, this factory has a large condensing unit with many devices connected to it. Two ‘TL-2’ units were also connected to the condensing unit.

Freezing Test

We tested with their products, meat balls, fishcake, noodles, and fruits.

After the freezing test, they enjoyed the frozen samples and were impressed by the product quality

Our Client Info

RT Food Service operates a restaurant and processes various food products, including meatballs, fish cakes, fruits, and more. Mr. Andrew Nugroho, the company’s director, mentioned, “Firstly, I’d like to experiment with freezing our fundamental products like fish cake and meatballs. Afterward, we plan to explore higher value-added products, such as fruits.”

Indonesia is renowned for tropical fruits like mango and avocado. Mr. Nugroho expressed his interest in incorporating fruits into their product lineup moving forward.



Watch on YouTube



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